Notary Public Blog of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | School is Starting Soon (If Not Already Where You Are), Remember those Affidavits of Residence

There has been a major SURGE in the signing of Affidavits of Residence in the past few days.  Call NOW before school starts in Greenville County!

Parental Authorizations
Dorm Residency Forms
Camp Registration Forms
Agreements Concerning Minors

and the BIG ‘OL Affidavits of Residence

Often customers will call into to ask pertinent questions about the Affidavit of Residence.  This document can sometimes cause mass-confusion.  What is an Affidavit of Residence?

This document is provided by most schools within the Upstate for parents who have either situated their children into the home of someone else, either with said parent, or on their own.  The confusion within the document pertains to who is actually signing as the Affiant.  The person who owns or leases the residence is the one who signs as the Affiant in the transaction.  Then afterward, the notary signs/stamps.  There are also Affidavits of Residence where both resident and visitor sign and their signatures are notarized, however, it is usually only the signature of the resident.

Also, this document poses a large risk for residency fraud.  Notaries Public notarizing these documents should be highly aware of who is signing these types of documents to make sure that they have sound mind, are not being forced to sign by the urging of another party (duress), and ensuring that the proper person’s signature is on the bottom line.

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