Notary Blog | 46-Paged Signed, Scanned and Emailed Structured Settlement Transfer in Piedmont

Thanks to Stone Street Capital, based out of Baltimore, Maryland, was able to assist an individual who wanted an alternative to an allotment.  Many people in the area are sought out by various companies to either sell their Annuity policies or other allotments awarded them.

My advice?  Be wary of any company that seeks you out in order to offer you a ‘lump sum’ for either a certain amount or all of your structured settlement or annuity payments.  It’s always wise to seek professional advice before entering into a contract with a third-party.

Thanks to specific rules here in the State of South Carolina, our judicial system regulates outside companies from coming in and adversely affecting one’s payments.  Our State regulates outside firms from usury against our citizens.

Best advice?  Seeks assistance from your attorney before entering into any contracts of these types.

From your local Notary Public Signing Agent and Owner, Sonita M. Leak

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