Notary Blog: I-9 Authorization at STB

Having been informed that the local shipping company they would normally use no longer conducted the activities involved with an I9 Authorization, a local resident called on to help her with her paperwork.

Oftentimes, people will call in with a request for us to ‘notarize’ an I-9 or an Online I-9 process.  This type of work, however, is not a notarization, but an AUTHORIZATION.  Whichever professional, whether it be a Certified Public Accountant, Notary Public or other professional, acts on behalf of the requesting company as their representative.  The I-9 form does not bind us to verifying the identification of the signers before us, as we cannot verify that a document is either an original or true copy.

Our only duty during an I-9 signing is to write the details of the items presented, and sign as an Authorized Representative of the company, no notarial act involved there.  However, many companies will have the I-9 Form accompanied by an Attestation form.  With the Attestation Form, you, the notary are verifying the identity of the signer and attesting to the fact that they did appear before you, showing proof of valid, government-issued identification.


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