Notary Blog: Buyer/Seller Package in Greer

Thanks to a company named Notaries to You, we can get a Notary to you.  The services that we provide to local (and nationwide) signers is almost unheard of when you speak to the general population.  However, there are many Notary Public Signing Agents all across the country that provide notary, scan, fax and email services much like we provide here at

A local resident was both Buyer and Seller party to a particular transaction of out-of-state property on the morning of Tuesday, December 13, 2016.  The Signing Oversight for the transaction and coordinating notarial acts occurred in Greer, South Carolina.

Companies often solicit Notaries Public that have been trained to oversee certain transactions on behalf of title companies, law firms and real estate agencies.  Thanks to Notaries to You and Rowland Title for providing the assignment today.

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