Notary Blog: Divorce Documents at Greenville County’s LEC

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, shortly after noon, two Divorce Agreement documents were signed by two un-local parties.  Due to the nature of certain circumstances, it may be an excellent idea to meet in a public place.  Actually, that is the best idea yet.  Meeting in a public place is imperative to guaranteeing some semblance of safety when it comes to not only dealing with people on a personal level, but also in business affairs.

The meeting was slightly interrupted by a make-up artist.  Don’t ask.

This day’s meeting occurred in the parking lot of the Greenville County Law Enforcement Center, a meeting place suggested by the requesting party beforehand.  Great thinking ahead!

Should you need a Notary Public for an Uncontested Divorce, call 864.214.6447 for fast, honest and reliable service.


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