Notary Blog: Document Signing at Starbucks Pelham | Multiple Signatures

Signing and Title Companies hire Notary Signing Agents to perform certain functions.  There are times when you don’t want to just send a signer to the bank.  In this case, there were multiple signatures; attention-to-detail is key in all transactions performed.  If a signer goes to their local bank to attain a notary stamp or seal and signature then send their package off on their own, MULTIPLE things can go wrong.   Can you think of a few?  Comment on the post below.  Make sure you are on to do so.

Enter a Notary Signing Agent.  Not only are Signing Agents not as pressed for time during these very delicate situations, a Signing Agent usually has the expertise in performing the functions of signing title-requested documents on a regular basis.  Signing Agents are equipped with morals and values to ensure accurate and precise attention-to-detail.  They are considered to be more knowledgeable on the shipping process and printing experts, as many of the document packages are printed in varying sizes (letter 8.5 x 11, legal 8.5 x 14, and sometimes both).

Are you a State of South Carolina Notary Public and want to know about getting into Notary Signing Agency?  Call us at 864.214.6447.  Do not let your Notary Public commission go to waste!

This multiple signing was completed at the coffee-house that is Starbucks, 3915 Pelham Road, Greeenville, SC 29615 by Owner and State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak. The date: August 25, 2016.

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