Notary Blog: Durable Financial Power of Attorney | GMH

Short-notice signings is what specializes in.  In the evening of Thursday, October 14, 2016, we received a call for a Liberty, South Carolina resident in-patient at Greenville Memorial Hospital for a Durable Financial Power of Attorney.

In many situations, as an Attorney-in-Fact (the agent who is in charge of handling the affairs of a Principal should they be unable to act), they have the ability to act for the party as detailed per the document prescribed, whether it be a Specific, Limited, General or Durable Power of Attorney.  However, sometimes, more specific instructions must be given.

In this case, and in many others, some of the documents drafted and signed do not contain language pertinent to cover the Agent’s desired actions for the Principal. As a signer, please make sure that you have everything in place for your Agent to act on your behalf.

Today’s signing took place at Greenville Memorial Hospital, 701 Grove Road, Greenville, South Carolina 29605 and document services were provided by State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak.

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