Notary Blog: Hampton Inn and Two Weddings?

Saturday night is LIVE AND POPPING in Downtown, Greenville!  So much so that the streets are crowded with people and the traffic, at an almost stand still. That doesn’t prevent the notary from getting the job done, however.  A signing originally scheduled for Spill the Beans coffee-house was diverted to where our signers on a Rental Agreement could find parking.

The notary public duty tonight was not only to notarize on behalf of the signatures of the Owner and Tenant of the agreement, but also as a parking space saver.  Yes, that’s right, a parking space saver.

Long story short, with permission of the amicable staff of the Hampton Inn Riverplace*, a 15-minute signing went down, the signatures on the agreement were notarized and all was well with the evening.

I did mention weddings, didn’t I? As we were signing away, a wedding party entered the hotel.

I did mention two Wedding, right?

This story will be continued…  LISTEN IN! 

*Assignment conducted by Owner and State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak, late evening, September 10, 2016. Photo courtesy of the Hampton Inn Riverplace website.

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