Notary Blog | Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day to All In-Office

Whether you are in a Virtual Office or a Brick-and-Mortar one, Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day to all who serve.  Service through  Carpal Tunnel, endless days and nights at the computer, suffering from eye strain (or not). Take it from this Notary Public, being an Administrative Professional can be a tough job!

People sometimes don’t realize what we as Administrative professionals go through in the course of our duties.  Today’s encouragement is to anyone out there who has been told that their position is meaningless or worthless. EVERYONE has a place, and if your place is in the Administrative field, then so be it.

In the days and times of new technologies and new innovations in the computer industry and field, a friendly voice, a friendly face, an un-automated response is GREATLY appreciated.

To every Administrative worker out there, HAVE A GREAT AND PROSPEROUS DAY!

Be Blessed,

Your Notary Public Sonita M. Leak

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