Notary Blog | Happy ‘Hump Day’ All! We Are Almost Through the Week People…

Although the Monday through Friday work-week is almost over, have no fear, your local Notary Public is ‘In’. Should you have a particular situation that you think no other Notary Public can handle, 9 times out of 10, WE can handle it!  You might call others and get no results, we will try our darndest to meet the need.  There are different types of signing situations, for instance I9 Authorizations, that demand a bit more attention than most.  Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Your schedule is demanding and you are at work without a Notary?  Call 864.214.6447.
You or your loved one is sick or shut-in and don’t have access to a Notary Public outside the home?  Call 864.214.6447.
You have complicated documents that need signing or you are just not sure what to do?  Call 864.214.6447.
Need to renew your Notary Public commission through the State of South Carolina?  Call 864.214.6447, and we will notarize your application at NO COST TO YOU!

Therefore, in a nutshell, even though it’s Wednesday and the week is almost through, you can STILL find a Notary Public to assist you with your paperwork.

Services offered:

Out-of-State Documents We Oversee and/or Notarize:
High Equity Line of Credit (Oversight)
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act Documents (Oversight)
Loan Application (Oversight)
Loan Modifications (Courier Witnessing & Notarization)
Reverse Mortgages (Courier & Oversight)
Short Sales (Oversight)
Warranty & Quitclaim Deed Notarization (Witnessing & Notarization)
Need Marriage Services?  We’ve got that covered too!


Sonita M. Leak

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