Notary Blog of Sonita M. Leak, Notary Public and CNSA | HappyRe-Birth to Our United States Army | A Time to Give Thanks to All Who Have Served

Happy Re-Birth.. Day to the largest branch of our United States Armed Forces, the United States Army. The original Army was called the Continental Army, formed in 1775 during the United States Revolutionary War.  On  June 3, 1784 (or as in military dating 3 June 1784), a disbanded Continental Army was once again revived by the Congress of the Confederation and re-coined the United States Army.

In the seven years I’ve served as your local Notary Public and Signing Agent, I’ve assisted many members of our United States Armed Forces.  The bulk of our work involving Service Members centers around the following:

*’Making it Legal’ before deployment (Marriage)
*401 K and Pension Forms
*Deployment-related paperwork
*Child Care and Custody forms related to deployment
*Domestic Partnership Forms related to deployment

I dedicate today’s post to ALL Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and to those who served who have lost their lives. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

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