Notary Blog | Happy Resurrection Day to All and Yes, the ‘Notary is In’!

Notary Service is, on the most part, ALWAYS at your fingertips!  On Easter Sunday?  Yes.  On Thanksgiving?  Yes.  On Christmas Day and New Year’s Day?  Oh, why YES, YES and YES!

Why we are open on major holidays is a question asked often.  The main reason is because the world does not stop turning and business usually goes back to normal the next day.  People have deadlines and transactions still have to be made.  Therefore, we stay OPEN FOR BUSINESS and are OPEN FOR BUSINESS during these critical times.  You never know who has court the next morning and must have a document notarized.  You never know whose car was impounded out of state because someone else drove it for the holidays.  You never know if you’ll be admitted to the hospital unexpectedly during the holidays, either.

So, when you think about it, sometimes major decisions must be made on holidays, and for this very reason, we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS here at

Call 864.214.6447 for early or after hour service as well.

At your service on Easter Sunday,

Sonita M. Leak

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