Notary Blog: I’m Getting Married in 2016! ~ and Applying for your Marriage License ~

Getting married in the Upstate, South Carolina area?

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Haven’t yet begun the process? Want to know how to apply for your marriage license?

One thing couples may notice is that they are now able to complete a portion of their application and print it from ONLINE. Although you must finalize the process in person, it is good to know that you can begin the process before even appearing IN OFFICE.

Whereas in the past the fee for any couple to apply for a marriage license in the county was $35, the following changes were implemented on July 1, 2015:

For a couple consisting of Greenville County residents, the new application fee is $45.00. If any one of the persons applying lives outside of the county, however is still a South Carolina resident, the fee will be $75. For any couple traveling from out of state/country, the cost for a marriage license in this county is $95. If, after review and nuptials, you discover that there is something incorrect on the license, there will be a correction fee of $6.75.

There is a keepsake folder that, although not necessary, may be something you will consider purchasing for an additional $1.00, first, because it is only A DOLLAR, and secondly, I do not recommend to any couple to use their copy of the Marriage License and Certificate to transact business. This is your copy to keep, frame, put away, and should only be used in an emergency. Why? Say you travel to the Social Security office to have your name changed and in the commission of the clerk making a copy of your certificate, it is accidentally caught in a paper jam. Say the clerk fouled up the copy and instead of putting the misprinted copy in the shredder, accidentally shreds your original. Case in point, keep it as just that, A KEEPSAKE!

A certified copy of your certificate will cost you $5.00. At this time, the copy fee is $ .25, however, it may be higher depending on your request.

Some interesting facts:

Marriage License requests can go as far back as 1911 in the Greenville County database and requests can be made by either walking in to the office or by mail.

One of the biggest questions by a couple to our service is, “Do I have to have a ceremony?” Quite simply, “Yes.” In the State of South Carolina, it is a requirement for a ceremony to be performed.

Probate Court judges, staff, nor personnel marry couples.

If you do not have a Social Security card and are not eligible to receive one, it is possible to obtain a letter from the Social Security Administration Office stating that you are unable to obtain it.

The Marriage License Division is located in Suite 5600 of Greenville County Square, 301 University Ridge, Greenville, SC 29601. The number to call for inquiry is 864.467.7571.

The Marriage and License Administrators Elizabeth Robinson and Janise Chapman are at your service to assist you with your application needs.

For More Information on Application Click HERE.
To Start the Application Process Click HERE.

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