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So what do you do when a signer calls in at 9:30pm on a weekend needing notary service, later in the evening?  Well, first of all, you meet them in as public a place as possible.

So, what do you do when signers call in at 9:30pm on a weekend needing a witness party to the documents they need notarized?

Why, instead of just picking any old nut job out of the drawer, you call on a special friend, maybe another notary to do the job.  In our case, we called on mentee Bethinina Gary, Owner of Upstate Mobile Notaries, LLC., for the thrill.  Bethinina has impressed me with her willingness to learn and to not re-invent the wheel, which has led to her successful mobile signing business she began shortly after attending her first Notary Signing Agent Seminar in 2012.

Due to the eyes, ears and mouths in the location of signing, details about the particular transactions will not be disclosed.

One thing that we DO do (not to be confused with… well, you know) is provide information for interesting organizations and organizers that we meet through our coursework. The signers who sat before us are the Founders of an Organization called Philippines Without Orphans, a group that assists abandoned children there.  Just a highlight of how they spread information about children in need, here is a recent post and update from their Facebook feed:

To our dear families, friends, and fellow advocates: PWO has been advised that there are 3 abandoned newborn babies in PGH (Philippine General Hospital) – 1 baby boy and 2 baby girls. Is there anyone in our network that is willing to help by becoming an emergency placement for a child? You may be willing, or know of someone who could be willing to help these babies. Prayers are also necessary at this point! Please feel free to respond to this post, or send us a message!

Philippines Without Orphans

Update on 3 abandoned children: We have two volunteer families who will each take one child! Please pray for the last child, that there would be one more volunteer for emergency placement!

 Please Support Philippines Without Orphans if you choose to by visiting their Facebook Page by Clicking HERE.


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