Notary Blog: Let’s Make it Legal at Java, er… Downtown Falls Park

An early morning phone call that was a Marriage Ceremony to be finalized at Java Jolt on East Butler Road of Greenville turned into a Marriage Ceremony on the Liberty Bridge of Downtown Falls Park on the Reedy early on Tuesday morning, August 23, 2016.

A local resident called into the line because he and his fiance attained their Marriage License through the Greenville County Probate Court’s Marriage and License Division earlier and wanted to take care of the legal side of their marriage before the big she-bang in the near future.

This happens quite a bit, that couples want to take care of the ‘actual marriage’ part of their union BEFORE the larger ceremony.  And that is quite ok with us.  What we DIDN’T expect was to end up on the other side of town to complete the vows;  Child requested.

We can assist you if this is what you are seeking.  Of course we would’ rather celebrate your union in a larger, more elegant fashion, but all in all, we understand.

Should you need a notary public to sign off on your marriage license and make it legal, I have ‘”Come to the Notary” service, which is efficient and at a lower cost for couples.  Call 864.214.6447 to find out how you can get married today.


Sonita M. Leak
Your Personal Wedding and Marriage Officiant and Notary Public

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