Notary Public Blog and Podcast: Meshing In With the Pokémoners at the Marriott of Downtown Greenville, South Carolina

Post Created on August 23, 2016
Latest Update on July 7, 2018
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Greenville, SC
Earlier on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, an out-of-state resident called into with the need of an After-hours Mobile Notary Public. Notary Service here is different because, if it at all possible, we will meet the need of signers at a moment’s notice.  It just so happens that  this time around, we were forewarned.

The traveling signer called in shortly before 8:30pm and a bee-line was made through the Pokémon Go players of The Peace Center of Downtown Greenville to get to the signing location of the Courtyard Marriott.  Arrival time – four minutes.

Due to the public nature of the signing, no private details of the signing will be released.

Assignment completed by Owner and State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak.

I do not own rights to this image.

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