Notary Blog: Notarizin’ at Cleveland Park, Downtown Greenville was OPEN for business as per usual on Labor Day.  Two notary assignments happened on this fairly festive day where we celebrate not working.  It’s never a dull moment here with notary service, especially when we have to provide it during major U.S. holidays.

Today was no different.  Many of the repeat customers I serve know that when they need service and we’re around, we can assist them.  It may not always look a certain way, or feel a certain way, but when someone needs service, IT IS!

As the family loaded up to travel to one of our favorite local getaway spots, a signer frantic to find a notary for their Typewritten Affidavit called into our line.  The initial phone call came in at 11:06am, by 12:40pm after the signer and another person needing a document notarized printed their materials, they were being serviced.  Yes, the service they received was provided in the busy barbecue atmosphere of Cleveland Park.

In all there were two documents needing signatures and notary stamp/seal.  However, one of the documents was void of notarial language and a document was provided to attach to verify identity.

Completed by Owner and State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak on the afternoon of Labor Day, Monday, September 5, 2016.

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