Notary Blog: OOS-Initiated Last Will and Testament

The initial call came in around Thanksgiving Day of 2016, a new local, making certain life changes wanted to also make some changes to a Very Important Document in his Last Will and Testament.

It’s a great thing when signers want to call in advance to a signing to, in a sense, forewarn the Notary Public beforehand.  The signer promised that when all was said and done and his document was complete that he would call again to have the documents executed.

This execution occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 18, 2016 near the Atrium Elevators of Greenville Memorial Hospital.  The signing needed the assistance of two witnesses, none of which could be the Notary Public, as the signing was for a document that would be traveling Interstate and required the viewing of witnesses separate from the Notary themselves.  In the State of South Carolina, it is allowable for the Notary Public to act as one of the witnesses party to a particular transaction.  In some states, this is NOT permitted.

The signing was aided by a GMH Volunteer and another contractor.  Thank you two for all your help on yesterday.  In total, the entire transaction completion time was 45 minutes. Greenville Memorial Hospital is located at 701 Grove Road, Greenville, South Carolina 29605.

State of South Carolina Notary Public and Owner Sonita M. Leak

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