Notary Blog: Plundering Around Piedmont, SC

A late-night signing on behalf of a not-necessarily-on-purpose repeat customer was performed on Monday, November 28, 2016.

The initial phone call for service rang in at almost exactly 9 o’ clock the morning of for the caller’s mother.  There was a predicament because the relative’s mobility was limited.  After a few moments on the phone with the caller, the caller then had their mother telephone the office.  We were quick to learn that the relative was a former customer from a client we’d provided service for in the past.

We can service your need for a Notary Public on the drop of a dime, or with the drop of a hat, or… well, you get the drift. Service was performed off of Highway 17, near the junction that meets Spinx and Bojangles near Interstate 85.  The section of Piedmont where the document signing and notarization was performed was considered part of Anderson County.

Notary Public Service provided by Owner Sonita M. Leak.  Should you need a Notary Public, call 864.214.6447.

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