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Original Post Created September 22, 2017
Post Revamped and Podcast Recorded ON LOCATION on July 5, 2018
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Greenville, SC
Every now and then, I try to stress to the public just how important it is to take care of Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament and Living Will (Advanced Directive) documents. You never know when or where you’ll be if something major were to happen.

Do you have minor children? If so, if something catastrophic were to happen, where would they go, who would you entrust to take care of their needs?

Do you have real property? If you were to pass away today, do you have a Last Will and Testament to speak for you when you go on?

What better way can I tell the general public that getting Estate documents taken care of and taken care of early than to tell the story of James Johnson.

This past week, along with Upstate Mobile Notaries, LLC. Owner Bethinina Gary as second witness, I was able to offer Pro Bono services to Mr. Johnson, who was the winner of a free Life Estate Notary Service Package, provided by way of Networking Tuesdays held by Stephania Talley-Priester.

Not knowing until day of signing that Mr. Johnson had in the past suffered with a brain tumor that has since affected his overall motor functions, it became clear that his being chosen for the Notary Service provided was definitely a gift from GOD.

Here’s what Mr. Johnson had to say,

“My story, all of this hit suddenly. One day I’m going to the fair with my daughter, early the next morning I’m in the hospital because i fell out of bed and hit my head. The doctors find a massive brain tumor.
After having brain surgery because of the tumor, complications arose and I had to be revived. I had to spend almost a week in the Intensive Care Unit hooked to machines. What was supposed to be a 5-day stay turned into a month.”

In retrospect, Mr. Johnson DID NOT have the documents he signed in front of us in place. Now that he does, it will make all the difference should he be faced with an urgent situation in the future. We at and urge you to take care of those documents as soon as possible.
May you be blessed and stay blessed.

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