Notary Blog & Podcast of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA | Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers and Those Who Care as Mothers

So we all have this notion that Mother’s Day is about those who have given birth.  Well, in my coursework as a Notary Public here in the State of South Carolina, I’ve run into many that have become Mothers by way of association. Yes, there are those out there that didn’t know that they would run into situations where they were to become Mothers to children, and sometimes adults, that were not their own.

Yes, we have to give it up to those who have given birth, but we really have to give it up to those who didn’t know they would become motherly to those that were not their own, coming from their own womb.

We have to think of them also, for they are committing themselves to selfless acts, stepping in and stepping up when sometimes no one else would.  Sometimes stepping up when no one else could.  Today, I honor those who have become parents because biological parents defaulted on their duties, biological parents passed away and also those who stepped in when biological parents needed help.

Enjoy your day to ALL MOTHERS on this day.


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