The Three Doctors Featured at the GHS 12th Annual Community Health Summit on Saturday, April 7, 2018

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Featuring ‘The Three Doctors’ at the GHS Community Health Summit

Greenville, SC
On the morning of Saturday, April 7, 2018, Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt and George Jenkins, collectively known as The Three Doctors, converged upon the TD Convention Center here in Greenville, South Carolina to tell their story from poverty to calling themselves leaders in their fields of practice in medicine.

All three gave members of the crowd many things to think about for their journey toward greatness.

One highlight of the day is when Dr. George Jenkins sent a message directly to the youth seated in the summit.  He talked about how some will judge you, you will even judge yourself, but to never let anyone tell you what you can or will become.

My message to the The Doctors following the GHS 12th Annual Community Health Summit held on yesterday,”

“I want to thank all three of you for what you got up on stage and said. I do not attend many events like this, however what you all said today spoke to my heart. I am a Mother of six children, three girls and three boys. I am the Owner of two businesses.

When I first started out, people told me that the ideas that were in my head would never come to fruition. It has been with sheer determination and belief and faith in the beginning stages and throughout that helped me achieve. No, I did not have the math skills of my peers. No, I wasn’t the dramatic theatrical actor or actress. My self-confidence and my self-worth were low. I was called skinny, four eyes. I was the runt of the group, usually the youngest in my class.

But God.

Thanks to my God, and of course from the encouragement from my children who always uplift me and my work, I can say that I’m truly blessed and that I’m glad I didn’t quit.”

Thank you to all sponsors  and the community-at-large for their support of this event bringing awareness to Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Mental Illness, Stigma and other diseases and disorders.

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You can contact The Three Doctors by the information below:

Call (973) 493-1030

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