Notary Blog Post: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Activities – Upstate, SC

Oh, so you thought I was going to tell you where to go to serve, right?  Sorry, no suggestions for you.  Hopefully, you’ve served your community in SOME WAY throughout the year.  Given the field Notaries Public are involved, it is quite fitting that we would volunteer in this day of service.  We will, but it will be in private.  We encourage you to put forth your effort to volunteer, not only just THIS day, but on a daily basis.  I know this seems like a monumental task for some, but think about it.  Volunteering doesn’t have to take up too much of your time, nor does it have to involve shovels and pitchforks.  Put forth an effort to volunteer your time often, discreetly and in your own way for the benefit of someone else today and EVERY DAY!

With that said, our notary has some resources to help you along the way for today, Monday, January 19, 2015.




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