Notary Blog: Private Marriage Ceremony with a lil’ Chik-fil-A

A private marriage ceremony happened at Falls Park on the Reedy today.  The couple, who’d arranged to be married previously ran into a few snafus before the time, so they had to reschedule their marriage ceremony. That day was today.

Very rarely do we engage with couples that want to get married during the week, but it does occur.  This private ceremony was preceded by a young couple taking engagement pictures near a secluded area of the park.  As we approached, we noticed two small cows near their ‘Engagement Date Sign’.  They looked vaguely familiar.  Why yes!  They were two Chick-fil-A cows.

Funny thing is I guessed that they both worked or met at Chick-fil-A… one of the two, but it just so happened the answer was BOTH, both of the engaged met while working at Chick-fil-A.  I wonder if their reception will be catered by the restaurant as well.

Hmmmmmm,  (To be continued…)

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