Notary Blog: Private Signing at Downtown Coffee-House

Coffee Underground

was way too busy to say anything about this assignment.  It seems like the gloomy weather we are having is driving folks into the coffee-houses by the droves because everywhere we went was full.  Not as quite as full as they would be if it were raining, but the rain is soon to come.  This Notary says that you can either enjoy it by visiting a local coffee-house or you could sleep in.  Those that know me well, know which one I’d rather do.  But for now, work calls!

Today’s signing occurred fairly quickly, the caller calling in around 1:20pm and arriving for service at the meeting point HERE around 1:45pm.

This assignment was fielded by State of South Carolina REALTOR and Notary Public Sonita M. Leak on September 2, 2016.

Should you need a Notary Public during early, afternoon or evening hours, call on!  864.214.6447.  We’ll TRY to leave the light on.

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