Notary Blog: Private Signing at Greenville Memorial

But WAIT!  Today’s signing at the hospital was not medical-related.”

The party involved in today’s private transaction at Greenville Memorial Hospital leads a very busy life, therefore, the notary public was sent out to them based on their schedule.

Thanks to the company that selected to take care of their documents and their client. Some documents that are provided to us are sent via air courier (via companies such as FedEx and UPS). The documents in this case were delivered by way of FedEx.

Normally, Notary Signing Agents are provided the documents for their signings and oversight transactions by email. However, it makes it so much more convenient when the documents are sent via Overnight Delivery from a shipping company, saving time, paper and ink/toner resources.

This assignment was completed at Greenville Memorial Hospital, 701 Grove Road, Greenville, South Carolina 29605, mid-afternoon.

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