Notary Blog: Signing for a Friend at Port City Java

So when people know a notary, they usually go to that notary, right?  Yes, that’s true.  By all means, it won’t hurt this notary’s feelings if you know a notary that will do it… and it REALLY doesn’t hurt to go to a Notary Public that will do it for free.

I get those types of calls all the time.  “Well, Ms. Leak, how much do you charge?”  I will tell them my fees for service.  And sometimes, just sometimes they say back to me “Well, I can get it done at ______________ for free.”  And I encourage you to do so.  I don’t knock ANYONE for seeking out low cost/no cost services as I am a mother and well enough know how it comes in handy to get a good deal.

Today’s signing was conducted at Port City Java, 11 S. Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601 for U.S. Passport related documents for a minor. Thank you for providing the nice, quiet, coffee-smelling environment you provide.


Sonita M. Leak

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