Sonita Leak’s Notary Blog: Singing, 🎵”Three Times A No – ta – ryyyyyyy”🎵

Today, Tuesday, January 24, 2017 has been the busiest day thus far in 2017 for General Notary Work for  Thanks to a local party calling for their family member who was rushed to St. Francis Bon Secours Downtown.  The patient signed three documents related to Life Care.  The signings were witnessed by two unrelated witnesses that were not the Notary Public.

The second signing today was actually NOT a signing, but a Notary Presentment.  In a Presentment situation, the Notary Public does not act as a Notary, however, as an unrelated third party responsible for correspondence ONLY.  Want more information on what a Notary Presentment is?  Perform a search in the Search bar right on’s website.

The third signing of the da occurred at 2100 Poinsett Highway on behalf of a Small Business Owner who needed to have a Durable Power of Attorney signed before a Notary Public.  This signer ventured to her bank, however was told that they could not notarize her signature for some reason.  That’s okay too, when in doubt, call me, I’ll figure it out! 864.214.6447

All work performed by State of South Carolina Notary Public and Owner of Sonita M. Leak.

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