Notary Blog: Star-struck at Starbucks

“It’s always a pleasure to take care of customers in their exigent time of need.  It is especially a pleasure to be able to assist repeat customers with their circumstances.”

When a customer  calls you back for return business it’s because of one reason, they were pleased with the service you previously provided to them. When a repeat signer comes to you again, they are making a choice, treat each customer as the Star they are.

On this First Day of Fall and Business Women’s Day, I want to relay some Customer Service advice: Treat your customers well, whether they are dressed in business suits or if they are homeless on the street.  You never know what blessing you block when you treat someone unfairly because of some prejudged notion.

No one (except for fictional characters like Oscar the Grouch) likes to be treated unfairly in a Service Provider/Customer situation. Case in point, treat all of your customers fairly, and treat them all indifferently, no matter what it may ‘look’ like.

On the other end of the spectrum, don’t be a fool.  There are scammers out there who dress in wolves’ clothing.  They ‘appear’ to be on the up and up, however, their intention in having documentation notarized is either fraudulent; a caller may be coercing another person into a transaction where they are either unaware of the repercussions or are being held against their will (duress).  As a businessperson, you must watch out for this.  Although we only notarize the signature of a person signing and are not there to judge what is included in a document, BE WISE.  Originals nor photocopies of original documents can be stamped by a Notary Public*.  Some parties will come to you with an out-of-country document and tell you that the country requesting the notarial stamp requires the stamp be affixed to an original document or photocopy of an original, DON’T DO IT.  There are such documents as Affidavits of Certification of Originality or Photocopies the signer can completed and have notarized with the notarial language affixed to it.  South Carolina notaries, never, never, ever, ever affix your stamp to a copy of an ID, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, College Transcript, etc.

A signing took place on the morning of Thursday, September 22, 2016 at the West End Downtown Starbucks, 550 S. Main Street, Suite 101, Greenville, SC 29601 for a Foreign Language document and a translation of the same Foreign Language document translated into English.  Thank you to our repeat, repeat, repeat customers for calling on once again.

The information presented in this article is for informational purposes only.  Should you have any questions regarding the content of this posted article, please consult an attorney.

*This is specific to South Carolina.

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