Notary Blog: Out-of-State COT Transfer in Fact

So today’s signing was a little more complicated than most.  First of all, during this transfer of Certificate of Title operation, both signers were out-of-state residents (their home base was NOT South Carolina).  The registration process is to occur in the buyer’s state of residency. To top this signing all off, the Seller, whose spouse was also listed on the title was not traveling with, therefore our seller side signer had to write the special language to affix to a document in the case of Attorney-in-Fact Agency on behalf of a Principal.  Want to see it?  Here it goes, in different variations:

Scenario: Jeff Rollision is signing on his spouse’s behalf, considering that she will not be available during a specific transaction:
Examples of How Language May Be Affixed*:

Henrietta Rollison, by Jeff Rollison, her Attorney-In-Fact            Initials: HR by JR, her AIF
Henrietta Rollison by Jeff Rollison, as her Attorney-In-Fact            Initials: HR by JR, as her AIF
Henrietta Rollison by Jeff Rollision, Attorney-In-Fact            Initials: HR by JR, AIF

*This article is written based on State of South Carolina law. For an explanation of Attorney-in-Fact (Agency) rules in your state, please contact your attorney or Secretary of State’s office.

This assignment was completed at a unnamed Easley, South Carolina restaurant on Saturday, September 24, 2016.  Thanks to the BUYER in this transaction for calling on us for the services needed and provided.

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