Notary Blog: Taking Shots for the Photographer

While Latoya Dixon Smith is used to taking shots at people for a living, Notary Public Sonita Leak got the chance to turn the tables around.  No, no pictures of Ms. Dixon Smith were taken, she did however put her lens down for a brief moment to have some very important documents signed and then had that signature notarized.

Due to certain circumstances of the signing, a statement had to be made.  This statement was provided by way of a Jurat/Affiant Statement provided by Ms. Dixon Smith, acknowledged by the Notary.

Dixon Smith is the Owner of Latoya Dixon Photography, a highly regarded Greenville, South Carolina photog.  To see a gallery of her much-desired work, you can visit or CLICK HERE.

The assignment was completed shortly after another assignment at Span-America at a nearby location off of Pelham Road. Sonita M. Leak is a State of South Carolina Notary Public and also a REALTOR with Keller Williams Greenville Upstate.

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