Notary Blog: Our Third Notarization at a QT – From Rutherford Road to Duncan, SC

For those of us who frequent Quiktrip, it is endeared to us just as ‘QT’.  Besides THIS favorite non-local retail store of mine, I’d say QT comes in a quick second. Why? I’ve never been to a QT that wasn’t fast, efficient, friendly and most of all, clean. Whenever there is a spill, they clean it up immediately. The workers are constantly on the go, making sure all equipment is in working order and that food and condiments are ready and available. The options given for self-service are second to none in my book.

Our first ever notarization at Quiktrip occurred at the Rutherford Street location in Downtown Greenville, South Carolina a few years back.

On the evening of March 17, 2017, yes, St. Patrick’s Day, an out-of-state resident traveling through the Upstate area called in need of notary service.  The call was answered around 11pm, EST, and by 11:15pm, the customer was assisted.  Thanks to quick thinking and availability on our part, the customer’s want was met.  Although notary service may be available at the ‘drop of a hat’, booking an appointment for service is always a pleasure and a plus.  You now have the option to book your appointment with us right from the website at

The signing conducted was for the application of THIS nationwide fraternity.  Three notarial acts were performed and two witness acts performed for this customer at the Quiktrip location of 105 Spartangreen Blvd, Duncan, SC 29334.  Thank you for calling on to assist you with your need and do not hesitate to call again!

Your local Greenville and Upstate, South Carolina Notary Public,

Sonita M. Leak

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