Notary Blog: Toasting Up to Texas Title

It’s great to work with new title companies.  Well, it can be.  Notary Public Signing Agents must be careful in their dealings with companies that offer jobs in our areas.  This is something essential that i teach when I have my seminars and consultations with local Notaries Public.

Promises to pay and large signing fees are what draws us in, right?  Well, sometimes, just sometimes, these promises of being paid on time and in large amounts are ‘full of fluff’.

Fortunately, Texas Title did their job for their first time assignment with us.

On the afternoon of Friday, December 2, 2016, a Seller Side transaction Oversight was conducted in Easley, South Carolina for a Texas property.  Why a Notary Public to conduct oversight? Well, we are there if there are issues that arise and there to ensure that the signer on ‘this’ side is signing in the appropriate places, initialing where they should initial, and aren’t signing where they’re NOT supposed to sign.

These measures make sure that the package is delivered without mistake and everything within the transaction is processed smoothly, in essence, saving the signer we help and the company involved time and money.

This signing was conducted by me, Sonita M. Leak, State of South Carolina Notary Public Signing Agent and Owner of this blog.

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