Notary Blog: TranStar Title Seller Side Docs… DONE!

Although the title company called last-minute, we were still able to cater to their request.  Why?  Because at that’s what we do.  We try our best to excel at Customer Service.  Here, Customer Service is always capitalized.  Treating our customers right and providing service higher than their expectations is where we’re at.

Remember however, we’re human.  There will be situations where we cannot assist.  In that case, we will definitely point you in the RIGHT direction.  Yes, that is if we cannot help you.

Today’s signing involved two new residents to the Upstate area.  Printing and oversight were conducted on two Seller Side packages totaling 188 pages – delivered to the residents, completed by the residents and then sent off by the document service.

Thanks to TranStar National Title for  sending us your business year after year.  We definitely appreciate the assignments you pass along!

Notary Public and Document Services provided by State of South Carolina Notary Public and Owner of, Sonita M. Leak, Noon on Saturday, October 15, 2016.

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