Notary Blog: VALIC Form at The Cascades Verdae

Quite often when a party requests a cash-out of an IRA, 401K or some type of other investment, if said person is married, they must get a Spousal Consent Form signed by that spouse and the signature must be notarized. We’ll call the form VALIC for short, however, VALIC actually stands for Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company.

Today, Monday,  January 23, 2017, a husband and wife met with the Notary Public and their document’s signature was then notarized.  This occurred at 7:20pm EST.

Thank you to the local residents who called for after hours service today.  Should you need Notary Service in the future, feel free to call on by dialing 864.214.6447!

Photo courtesy of Cascades Verdae. Cascades Verdae is located at 10 Fountainview Terrace, Greenville, SC 29607.  Thank you to a special member of staff for their assistance.

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