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Updated November 17, 2017

Weekends are a time to celebrate what you don’t get to celebrate during the week.  As a Notary Public and Wedding Officiant, my life can get complicated during the week. So what do I do when I am ‘off-the-clock’? I get as much time in with my family, and myself, that I can.

There are some that don’t have a set 9am to 5pm schedule when it comes to Monday through Friday, so sometimes, just sometimes their Weekend is situated sometime during those days.

The point is, whatever you consider your Weekend to be, take that time to sit back, reflect on the week’s past and RELAX.  Yes, I said it  Seemingly from a person who never rests.  But, au contrare, mu frere!  I do rest, you, the public just don’t see it.

If I spent every waking hour of the day working and not getting my much needed rest, I would be a ball of nerves, tired all the time and just plain unhealthy.  There’s just no way I could let that happen dealing with multiple children and multiple responsibilities.

My advice for the day?  Take some good quality time out with your family doing something recreational.  No, it doesn’t have to go for hours, it could be as little as 20 minutes worth of something, ANYTHING.  Just do it!

Also, don’t forget to take some time for you.  I hear it all the time, and so I repeat it, “If you can’t help yourself or do something for yourself, you definitely cannot do anything for anyone else.” Breathe, pray, meditate, recreate, and most of all APPRECIATE!

I sincerely hope you all enjoy this weekend before Thanksgiving and be prepared for those kiddos to be out of school this upcoming week.  I know I’m looking forward to it.


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