Notary Blog: Wise Words from a Repeat Customer Regarding Having a Will and Power of Attorney

Number of Principals Signing: 2
Time spent signing: 3 hours
Witnesses provided by the signers: 3
Documents signed: Durable & Health Care Powers of Attorney, Last Wills & Testaments

Total time indulged protecting family and property?   …PRICELE$$

The message from today’s signer 30-year old Krystel Emery, “It’s never too early or too late to prepare your Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directive documents. You never know the time or place when something might happen.  I have children, and their responsibility is mine.  What if something happens to me? How else will their interests be protected?” Smart gal.

Emery and her mother both signed as Principals to a batch of documents to protect such interests on the afternoon into evening of Monday, October 26, 2015. The load was large, and we must give it up to these two for bearing with Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita Leak, three witnesses and children all at once.

This signing was conducted at a private location of the Upstate, South Carolina area.

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