Notary Blog: Witness Needed… Witness Success!

When a Witness is needed for notary service at, quick action must take place. There are several individuals and notaries public we can count on to, in essence, turn up fast and furious in the time of need. Thank you to a very close witness for coming to the aid of our client today.

Along with Durable Financial Power of Attorney documents, a Jurat/Affiant Statement accompanied due to the Principal present not physically holding his photo identification. Thank you to the identifying parties for assisting to make the signing go smoothly.

Today’s signing was completed at Regency Hospital, a separate hospital within the confines of St. Francis Bon Secours Downtown Greenville, SC 29601, located on 1 St. Francis Drive.

Signing completed by State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak.

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