Notary Blog: What I’ve Learned in the Past Week

There have been so many assignments I could reference this week.  This morning, I really did think long and hard about just a few of the experiences I’ve had with signings in the past couple of days alone.

It is during the holidays that many people have documents signed and sealed. Often these documents are for transfer of property, marriage ceremonies, simple affidavits.

This week has been a very pressing week, emotionally, as there have been several situations sitting before me that require compassion, empathy and healing to get through; theft of property and the protection thereof, the impending loss of a loved one, elder abuse.

When most think of the position a Notary Public is in, they think it involves just the pulling out of a pen and a stamp, signing, then affixing a seal.  That’s not the only position we have. For example, on last night alone three (3) whole hours were spent with  one family who completed Last Will and Testament paperwork for both the Patriarch and Matriarch of their family, the father being bedridden and slipping away fast from an unnamed cancerous condition.  Dealing with familial emotions is part of our everyday job, and sometimes, just sometimes the people in front of you need someone to be there for them.

I could, in my place as a Notary Public, offer a service that is convenient, quick and professional in manner and conduct my activities as if it were strictly that. However, being the person that I am, I would feel as if I were doing a family a disservice by not upholding the supportive role I hold dear in empathizing and providing condolence when a family feels as though no one understands what they are going through.

Sometimes the monotony of a hospital room or an assisted-living apartment creates a depressing environment, and if I can be that person to cheer them up for that very moment, it was all worth it.

For the assignment on last night, although it was long and many emotions were involved, it ended in touching, agreement and prayer.

After I leave a family, I may never know what occurs in the hours or days following, but one thing is assured, each signing such as this leaves an indelible mark on how I treat customers in the future; to show and share the compassion and nurturing anyone would expect should they be in some of the same situations we face as professionals.

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