Notary for Boat Vehicle Bill of Sale for Boat Located in Louisiana

Somebody (and we’re not saying any names) moved from Louisiana and didn’t bring their boat with ’em.  So, when relatives who want the boat come to visit, what do you do?  Sell it to them!  This is exactly what happened today at approximately 3:00pm today, Thursday, January 1st, near White Horse Road and Highway 85 in Greenville, SC.  An additional Individual Acknowledgment Form was needed in the process. This assignment kicks off the VERY FIRST NOTARIZATION OF 2015, so congratulations to our two more than willing participants, we’ll call them Louisiana Resident and South Carolina Resident on your transaction!

On a serious note, if you need a Vehicle Bill of Sale or Certificate of Title Document notarized, call on and Owner Sonita M. Leak to handle your notary needs. 864.214.6447

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