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Saturday March 26, 2016 was the first day I met Ms. Sonita Leak!!!!! That’s the day my life changed forever!!!! (In a great way lol).

Okay so, my name is Antron Holden, Sr. and I am an SC Notary Public! Sounds great??? Good, that’s the way it felt, good! Well with only one problem at the time. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing or how to start. In life there are certain things you can (wing) and other things, well you really shouldn’t especially when it comes to dealing with legal documents such as the ones notaries have to deal with on a daily basis. So, I sought out help. Honestly I don’t really remember how we met, I just know it was on Facebook (I think). After speaking with Ms. Leak earlier that week, our appointment was set. Now the consultation fee didn’t bother me, nor the two hour drive I would have to take on a Saturday. My main concern was hoping I wasn’t wasting my time.

So, finally I arrive in Greenville to Spill The Beans. When I arrived, Ms. Leak was already waiting for me. It definitely impressed me seeing how I was already early! She had examples of documents; a Dos and Don’ts list; paper; pens; highlighters; etc all laid out ready to go! After the introduction was over we began.

My experience with this stranger (now a very good friend) was beyond belief and honestly it felt the notary consultation was under-priced because of the amount of information she gave in just 3 hours (actually 2 hours at first). We took a small break so she could preform a marriage ceremony that she told me about prior to us meeting. Then, we finished up the notary consultation for our last hour once she was done. By the way, I’m glad someone was getting married, because the couple and Ms. Leak were kind enough to let me watch the signing portion of the marriage! [Being so long in one spot] would normally bore me, but Ms Leak’s personality kept my attention. This lady is naturally happy for whatever reason (in a great way), smart, straight to the point, witty, kind and so positive! So, thanks to her help and years of experience, I now run my own Notary business in another part of SC, Aiken Notary, LLC in Aiken, SC, a name she recommended! So far, Aiken Notary, LLC, has been open for a few months now and I’m lov[ing] business, the people we serve and my Aiken Notary, LLC Team. Overall, my experience was phenomenal!!! She delivered so much value and till this day I can still call her for help. I would recommend her above all other notaries I know.


Antron Holden Sr on 8/15/2016 2:30:23 AM
Notary Consultation Recipient

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