Notary Digest: Three Signings, A Ball Game & A Wedding

Busy, busy, busy Friday for For the early part of the morning, the phone lines remained cleared, but by 11:45am, closer to Noon the phone lines started popping off, literally. The first signing of the day occurred at Greenville Memorial Hospital for an individual in ICU, then over to North Pleasantburg area for a sick and shut-in resident. From there, a signing was realized at Panera Bread off of Haywood Road, Greenville, 29607. Thanks to Bethinina Gary for her witness assistance. Shortly thereafter a football game was 1/2 ingested with a touch of concession stand attendance, then to top off the night, a Marriage Ceremony for a long-standing Belle Meade Community family.

Should you need a Notary Public this weekend, know that the notaries will leave the light on, hopefully those that need service won’t call all at once; but for the chance that they do, we’ll do all we can to handle it.

Call on for all of your Notary Public service and document needs.

*Assignments completed by State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak.

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