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Notary Public Blog of Sonita M. Leak, CNSA for October 5, 2017

So, today is ‘Do Something Nice Day’.  Well, I hope you’re being nice EVERY DAY of the year. But just – in – case you haven’t been on your Ps and Qs, maybe you can start today?

As an effort to boost the spirits of those who have loved ones still in the hospital as well as for the encouragement of the loved ones left from the Las Vegas massacre that occurred this week, Events with Amore Owner and FemCity Greenville Chapter President Maria Amore, along with other business owners in the Upstate, South Carolina community will be writing cards.  For those who lost someone, although we cannot bring back their loved one, at least we can send a gesture that may brighten their day.

Would you like to be involved?  Directly from Maria this morning:

“Before my departure from Las Vegas, I had a conversation with the President of the Las Vegas FemCity chapter. She had a wonderful and heartfelt idea to hand make cards with words of encouragement and inspiration for the victims and families of those affected by the recent tragic incident in Vegas. If you are interested in creating and sending a card, please contact me to arrange a pick up time. I need all cards by Monday 10/9 at noon. I will mail the cards to Amy in Las Vegas who will deliver our cards to the victims in the hospital.”

You can reach Maria through the following Channels:
CLICK HERE to contact Maria through her Facebook Profile
CLICK HERE to send an email to Maria
CALL 864.434.9006

Do you need cards?  You can call me to pick some up at 864.214.6447.


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