Notary Event: Care & Coffee | Coffee Underground

“This is an event you don’t want to miss!”

No, it’s not the most exciting stuff in the world, however, having these Very Important Documents signed and sealed may be the difference between having your loved ones covered, assets protected or falling into the pitfalls of Eminent Domain controlling your estate, fighting and family disconnect.

Plainly, when you die without having health care planning in place, intestate (or without a will), you are leaving yourself open to ANYTHING happening; family fights over your healthcare and right to continue to live or die peacefully; not knowing how to divide goods, business affair duties or responsibilities.

Just go ahead and get it done already! We’re giving you a chance to get those Trust, Last Will and Testament, Advanced Directive and Power of Attorney documents signed and sealed at NO COST TO THE PUBLIC.

Schedule yourself before the event time comes, oh and come with your documents in hand. No document preparation will occur on site. Oh, and have a HAPPY DAY!

For details on attending Care and Coffee, navigate on over to Please RSVP if you will be in attendance. If you need more information on the event, please do not hesitate to call Owner and South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak at 864.214.6447. An Initial 15-minute information session will be presented before signing begins.

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