Notary for A True “Angel” | Greenville Memorial Hospital, Greenville, South Carolina

Originally Posted December 22, 2015
Edited February 22, 2018
Greenville, SC

How do you handle a signing in ICU when it involves someone you know? How do you prepare?  How do you react?

When the call came in the afternoon of December 22, 2015, I was sitting at a coffee shop off of Pendleton Street in Greenville, going over a few details for an upcoming business venture.  The name of the potential signer sounded so very familiar.

On the other side of the receiver was the son of this signer and upon telling me ‘her’ name, caused butterflies to run through, not just my stomach, but my WHOLE BODY.

In recent years, I had the pleasure of working with a sweet beautiful, kind, loving soul, I’ll call her ‘Angel’. This same, kind soul I could see in the eyes of her son as I approached him at the head of the ICU waiting room doors.  I knew then exactly who it was I was aimed to see, hoping it wasn’t so.  How do I prepare for this?  What do I say?  How am I supposed to react?

As we entered the corridor of the unit, I started to turn around and go the other way, it took everything in my power to stay firm and on task.

I had to look at the bright side on this situation. She was taking care of her family by protecting their interests with the paperwork being signed in front of her. I began to reminisce about our days at work together. There were some at this same very workplace that would think less of her for her lack of memory and slow movements. But this very same being that was forgetful at times and wasn’t the fastest at the keyboard and took a little more time than the others to learn our craft was definitely a blessing, proffering advice on a daily basis and giving others a belly full of laughs when the phone lines were slow.

Today was a very eye-opening day.   She was absolutely the same kind, generous, funny soul I met years ago at the workplace.  She didn’t skip a beat. So guess what?  I didn’t either.  The signing involved seeking a witness and was completed within an hour and a half (1 1/2 hours).

When it comes to days like this, I am even more appreciative of the duty I uphold.  Due to the nature of the circumstances, I shall and will not discuss any particulars, however, as a Notary Public, I cannot express any greater than today how important it is to, not just take care of paperwork, but relish the times you have with your loved ones. Not just on holidays, not just in good times, but in all ways and EVERY DAY.

Love, peace, blessings and harmony,

Your local upstate notary public, Sonita M. Leak

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