Notary for Arizona Seller-Side Documents Oversight in Gray Court, SC

Cross-country adventurers or just ready for a change of pace?  We think both.  Either way, a local couple needed to sell their property in Arizona because they are so in love with South Carolina, well, we hope that they fall in love with the beautiful countryside and scenic views!

Unlike a buyer’s side or refinance transaction, a seller-side transaction usually requires less paperwork (usually 100 pages or so less), therefore they don’t take as much time to complete.  Thank you to Security Title and Nationwide Signing Services for providing this assignment.

The couple was amazed at the fact that Notary Signing Agents existed.  They wondered how long the process would have taken at the bank.  “Fuh-get about it,” we say.  Call – 864.214.6447, and take off the heat.

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