Notary for Broker Application Package Oversight in Piedmont, SC

A Broker Application package was completed by a local Piedmont resident before the notary arrived for oversight, bu that’s okay.  A separate exact copy was provided by the notary just – in – case there were errors or in the instance there were forms that the applicant hadn’t yet received.  The oversight went fairly well because the residents, in fact, had completed the paperwork completely with the ability to keep the copy delivered by the notary.

Thank you to The Closer, LLC. for providing this assignment and calling on to service its need!  We appreciate all of the work your firm passes along.

The Closer, LLC. is a part of the circle of signing companies nationwide. This assignment was completed by Certified Notary Public Signing Agent Sonita M. Leak on July 2, 2015. To view her profile, click HERE.

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