Notary for Duke Energy Identity Verification Form at OJ’s Diner 907 Pendleton Street, Downtown Greenville

Did you know that the diner is on the cusp of the City of Greenville and the County Line?  Yes, the place we all know and love for Greenville, South Carolina soul food is in the 29601 area code. At this lovely location, a Duke Energy Identity Verification Form was presented, already being fully completed and signed by a local resident. Most notaries may think that this presents a major problem, however it does not.  Signers do have the ability to fill out an Affidavit form provided by the notary, basically stating that they were the ones signing a particular document, OR, the notary issues an oath, having the party swear to the validity of the signature on the document and fill out a Jurat certificate provided by the notary.

During this assignment, the document was also faxed directly to the fax submission line for Duke Energy.  Have questions about Duke Energy Identity Verification?  You can go HERE to find the form.

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