Notary for Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials | Rainer’s Café

What do I like to see?  A company that does it right!  Most notaries public here in the State of South Carolina know that we are not allowed to certify or deem original, nor copies of original documents as true and/or correct. With permission of my signer today, I would like to officially congratulate the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates for knowing that, as a notary, I cannot, by my public office for the state place my stamp nor seal as a certification of an original nor photocopy thereof.  The agency, through their EPIC service program, provided an Affidavit For Certification of Original or Photocopies for the signer to sign.  Although the agency did this, I provided my form for the signer to complete anyhow, just as an additional protective measure.  Have questions about an Affidavit For Certification of Photocopies, you can refer to the South Carolina Secretary of State’s Notary Public Manual.

Rainer’s, pronounced (Rhine-ers) is a restaurant extension of the Christopher Park Gallery, and as the café website states, everything you see is for sale.  Don’t believe us?  Here it is straight from their website:

Rainer’s is like an extension to the gallery. Pretty much everything you see is for sale. Like the table – you can buy it. Think the light above you would be great in your breakfast room – take it home. Paintings, clocks, plates and mugs…they’re all for sale.”

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