Notary for Exigent Circumstance: 3 Refinance Transactions Printed at 7:11 then Delivered by 8!

The assignment was originally set for 2pm, however, due to changes in circumstance, the documents arrived much later than expected.  At times, things happen.  Several hours roll around and no word on documents.  Through much anticipation and waiting, we finally tried EVERY OUTLET ON EARTH to reach the title company presenting this oversight.

Documents were sent, however, our notary never received the documents.  At a last ditch effort, documents finally arrived at 7:11pm EST.  Due to FedEx Office drop times of 7:15pm (FedEx Office Copy & Print Center Woods Lake Rd) and 8:00pm (GSP Airport FedEx Ship Center), Notary Signing Agent Sonita Leak lugged her handy-dandy Brother Laserjet printer and two reams of legal size paper on down to the Woods Lake Road location hoping to receive the secure docs ASAP, print, have the signer sign and have them carted off in the 7:15pm drop.

Well, that didn’t happen. So how do you complete three refinance packages and get them to the FedEx Airport location within 45-minutes before they pick-up from their drop box?

If we told you…..  Either way, it was done.

Exigent circumstance?  Need something done at the 11th hour?  Call us!  864.214.6447

Assignment completed by Notary Signing Agent Sonita M. L

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